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Oakley Releases new Goggles and Helmets!

Oakley Releases new Goggles and Helmets!

Every year all of the brands in the snowboard industry do an amazing job updating product, adding new product, and introducing new technology to make our days on the hill a better experience.  

Winter 2017 is no exception.  One of the most innovative brands in Snowboarding is Oakley.  This season was no exception with the introduction of two new high end goggles and the release of helmets for the first time.

Even though you will not currently find Oakley product on our site feel free to send us an email or give us a call.  We are more than happy to ship product whether it's on the site or not.  Be sure to check out all of our other helmets and goggles as well. 

Our two favorite new Oakley Goggles:

  1. Oakley Airbrake XL
  2. Oakley Line Miner 

The all new Oakley Airbrake XL is spin off the classic Airbrake which was the original quick lens change goggle.  With a bigger frame and bigger lens the Airbrake XL offers excellent visibility along with a great new style.  The Airbrake XL comes with two lenses.  One lens is focused on darker low light days or even at night.  The other lens is focused for more of the everyday conditions including sun and mid day lighting. The goggle fits great with or without a helmet.


The Line Miner is a brand new Oakley Goggle for this season.  Inspired by classic clean design blended with modern size this larger frame is going to make quite the impression for this season.  Another Larger Oakley Goggle that will fit great with the helmet or without.

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The all new Oakley Helmets.

  1. Oakley MOD 5 Helmet
  2. Oakley MOD 3 Helmet

The all new Oakley MOD 5 helmet is has all of the technology and features that Oakley has to offer.  Incredibly light weight, magnet strap closure, Boa liner adjustment, adjustable vents, and a bag to keep it clean and scratch free are just a few of our favorite features on this new Helmet.  


The Oakley MOD 3 Helmet has many of the same features as the MOD 5.  Even though the venting on MOD 3 is fixed you'll still be happy to have them on the warmer days.  With the magnet chin strap closure and the removable goggle clip this helmet will be one the favorites this season.  The MOD 3 also comes with the helmet bag to keep it looking like new all season.

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