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#ComeRideWithUs  |  1-207-344-6622

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Backwoods - Maine's Best Snowboard & Skate Shop

The Shop

Snowboard Services

We are a full-service snowboard shop that offers anything from a Boot Lace repair to a full Snowboard Super Tune.  Listed below are some of the specialty services that we are privileged enough to offer our customers.

Picking the correct weapon – we are a full-service snowboard shop which means we are required to ride all of the gear we sell.  As tough as this sounds we absolutely love what we do.  By spending time riding all of the product we sell it ensures we will help you make the best decision when it comes to picking out your gear.

Super Tune - Our workshop is equipped with a Base Grinder, GrindRite Machine Edger, files, Irons, some of the fastest wax on the planet, and last but not least very knowledgeable and passionate people working on your snowboard.

Waxing – we offer anything from a simple and quick rub on wax to a full hotwax with a base clean, wax, scrape, and base buff.

Snowboard Repair and Epoxy – If you have a snowboard that is delaminating or has edge damage we can fix it. With a two-part, flexible, and cold temperature rated epoxy we can fix problems of all sorts. There are situations where the board is at a point that it is unfixable.

Binding Mounting – when it comes to binding mounting we get very excited. This can make or break someone’s experience on a snowboard. We take pride in getting to know each rider in order to dial in the set up the best way possible. From the size of the rider to the style of riding we take it all into consideration. We can almost always do this on the spot so there is no reason to leave the gear behind.

Boot Fitting – when it comes to spending the day on the hill Boots are the piece of equipment that we are in for the longest period of time. Whether sizing and fitting new boots or customizing your current boots we love to help. With a boot heater in the shop we offer Heat Molding which makes liners specifically formed for each rider. This can help break in new boots or help get rid of that pressure point in an existing pair of boots.

Binding Adjustment and Repair – Whether you got new boots and need a quick binding adjustment or have a broken strap or buckle we have you covered.

Boot and Lace Repair – No matter what the lacing system is on your boot we will do everything in our power to repair it. From traditional lace boots, speed zone, and BOA dial boots we have been working on snowboard boots for over 20 years.

Helmet and Goggle Fitting – We carry multiple brands of Helmets and Goggles and can help make sure you end up with the best fit possible.

Snowboard Instructor: Gear Inspection Center – Many mountains require snowboard instructors to have the gear inspected by a certified snowboard shop. We would love to help with this as well. We will review your boots, bindings, and snowboard to ensure that you are all dialed to be not only the safest instructor possible but also the having the most fun and spreading the love of snowboarding. Free of Charge – spread the love!

Trail Reports – Not only are we in constant communication with all of the resorts we also spend as much time as possible on our snowboards. We love to chat with everyone that comes in the shop about current conditions and where the best snow is. Whether it’s one of us, one of our team riders, or one of our homies we do our best to have someone on snow almost every day.

Snowboard Service Pricing

  • Hotwax - $29.99 
  • Super Tune: $59.99
  • Base Repair: $10+
  • Epoxy: $20+
  • Heat Molding Boots: $19.99 (Free with purchase of boots)
  • Binding Mounting: $39.99 (Free with purchase of either binding or board)
  • Boot and Binding repair – We need to inspect the product to determine time and parts needed.

Snowboard Leasing and Seasonal Rentals

We’re proud to offer top-notch Burton snowboards, boots and bindings for the whole family.

Leasing means you get the best fit and brand new (or almost new) equipment every season, plus you don’t have to worry about your kiddos outgrowing their gear. Learn more about our snowboard leasing packages.

Snowboard Brands

We stand behind every product we sell. Being small allows us to have first-hand experience with almost every product we sell and we love supporting small and up and coming brands just as much as the big guys.

You can check out who we're proud to sell on the Brands page.



Specializing in all things skateboarding since our beginning, we have everything you need to get skating, whether you just started or have been skating for decades.  With the largest selection of skateboards in Maine, we have tons of brands in stock, and the knowledge, experience to help you get what you want.  Please give us a call or come visit for a better look at what we have to offer and we’ll even assemble it for free!  All the latest and greatest in decks from the brands we’ve all come to know and love and some of the smaller up-and-comers too!  With a huge and varied selection of hardgoods and accessories, you’ll find all the tools required to keep pushing your skateboard and your limits.  We love to skate and love supporting and helping our local scene continue and grow.  Located in the center of it all, with 5 major public outdoor parks at our disposal, come skate with us!


Skate Brands

Alien Workshop, Anti Hero, Baker, Bones Reds, Bones Wheels, Chocolate, DGK, Shipyard Skates, Blood Wizard, Bronson Speed Co., Creature, Deathwish, Element, Girl, Tired, Independent, Real, OJ Wheels, Plan B, Powell, Ricta, Santa Cruz, Slave, Spitfire, Tired, Toy Machine, Vagrant, Backwoods, Welcome, Zero


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