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Bent Metal Binding Works - The Next Generation

Bent Metal Binding Works - The Next Generation

Reinvented for the 2017 snowboard season, Bent Metal Binding Works has reengineered their binding system from top to bottom.  With fresh engineering and a rejuvenated look, these bindings are a welcomed addition to the Mervin Manufacturing line.  After having the opportunity to ride these binding systems last season and demo some for next season, Backwoods gives B.M.B.W. two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

The 2017 season kicked off with the introduction of three new mens binding models that are continued into the 2018 season. 

  • The Logic - Medium Soft
  • The Transfer - Medium
  • The Solution - Firm

With nearly identical baseplates, toe and ankle straps, high back shape, and The Cube forward lean adjuster, the thing that really seperates each of these models would be the varying levels of flex in each high back construction and the Mervin made Flex Control Drive Plates.

The base plates come in three sizes, small, medium, and large.  This two part baseplate features an aircraft grade extruded aluminum heel cup and has three positions to accommodate different boot shapes and sizes.

The toe and ankle straps are based on a minimal construction concept.  B.M.B.W. has decked out all three models with the Light Form ankle strap which is comprised of an advanced IMEVA foam pad with a comfortable and lightweight feel.  The Light Form toe strap is a dynamic fit, lightweight, molded grip for maximum performance.  Keeping their straps streamlined solves a common problem of over tightening which can restrict blood flow and lead to cold or uncomfortable feet.

The Cube is the industries fastest and easiest forward lean adjustment mechanism.  Made completely of urethane it also acts as a high back vibration dampener when powering through the chop or on firm groomers.

With hardened forged aluminum buckles on both the ankle and toe straps, they are lightweight with a very smooth entry and release.  The ankle buckle has a release trigger and the toe buckle is a rapid release by simply getting under the face of the buckle.

Mounting this binding has never been easier with the new Pivot Disc.  2x4 and Channel compatible, this reduced size mounting disc is designed to increase true board feel , true flex zones, and maximize drive plate power and effectiveness.  

The Logic:

High Back: Featuring their softest flexing and most forgiving high back, the Logic is asymmetrical and features full urethane construction for maximum flex and contour.  Ideal for the heavy park hitters or on-hill progression, the Logic is easy to twist and tweak.  This binding has a forgiving flex that won't leave you high and dry on the trail either.

Drive Plate: The Logic binding is outfitted with a Bi-axial Calcium Fiber Drive Plate designed to give you the freedom of movement and a freestyle focused response.  Mervin made in the U.S.A.


The Transfer:

High Back: This medium flexing binding is the binding of choice for snowboarding legend Jamie Lynn.  Designed for tackling heavy lines and technical snowboarding.  Featuring an asymmetrical shape, with an engineered polymer construction this binding is an all around performer for the park, the peak, and the powder.  All mountain freestyle performance in every riding situation.

Drive Plate: The Transfer binding is outfitted with a responsive Magnesium Fiber Drive Plate to deliver precise freestyle and free ride performance no matter where you are on the hill.  Mervin made in the U.S.A.


The Solution:

High Back: The stiffest option in the Bent Metal line, the Solution binding offers a firmer flex in an asymmetrical, lightweight, carbon fiber high back designed for aggressive snowboarding.  This shop favorite proves to be ultra responsive without the limiting rigidity of most carbon bindings.  A truly comfortable performer for the all mountain ripper.

Drive Plate: Full carbon fiber provides the stability and response necessary for aggressive lines and powerful snowboarding.  Maximum response and power in an energized system that performs.  Mervin made in the U.S.A.


Choosing the right binding is a decision not to be taken lightly.  Bent Metal Binding Works offers three unique and focused options to help you take your snowboarding to the next level, whichever level that is.  Mervin Manufacturing has been involved in making the highest level of snowboarding hardgoods in the U.S.A. for over thirty years.  The newly renovated binding systems from Bent Metal are an homage to that and are a step into the future of an already iconic brand.  Step into some Bent Metals, come ride with us, and see for yourself.

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