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Burton Step On A Huge Success:  Season 2 Back for More for 2019

Burton Step On A Huge Success: Season 2 Back for More for 2019

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Picture this, early morning, just finished your first cup of your favorite coffee, six inches of fresh fluff on the trail outside the window of your week long condo rental.  You watch the chairlift start to turn its warmup laps, like a referee blowing the first whistle of the game.  You've already stretched, packed in a power breakfast, suited and booted and ready to ride.  You step out the door onto the porch, grab your freshly waxed board, make your way to the trail, throw it down in front of you and with one sweet, fast motion you step into your binding, hear a two stage click and suddenly your off.  Sounds pretty good?  Well Burton Snowboards has helped to make this your reality (minus the week long condo rental).  Introducing for its second season, one of the most highly anticipated and well received product releases in the history of snowboarding, Burton Step On.

After multiple seasons of on and off-hill research and development this futuristic technology was honed and released to a filter of fine retailers throughout the world for the 2018 snowboard season.  With limited production and limited quantities, what product there was seemed to almost evaporate before our eyes.  We were fortunate to be among the first with Step On in our store, and had been afforded the opportunity to spend time in the system on the slopes which proved to be incredibly beneficial for our customer base allowing us to give insight and real world experiences with the newly designed system.  We stood back inquisitively to watch the marketing and craze unfold.  Almost immediately we realized how deeply this would be sought after and how quickly inventory started to dwindle.  This was supply and demand at its finest hour.  Within a few short weeks we found ourselves talking about how great it had been, and then we started getting daily phone calls and emails asking if we had anything left for product or if we would be getting any more in.  Regretfully we realized this was going to have to wait until next season.

Well now here it is, approaching quickly is the 2019 snowboard season and with it comes another round of Burton Snowboards premier boot and binding system, Step On, with a few new additions that will continue to keep it fresh and innovative.

To kickoff its second season, the 2019 Step On collection has grown with the introduction of its highest end mens Step On boot so far, the Ion Step On, also with a youth option in the Step On Youth and Zipline Step On, and some re-engineering on the Ruler Step On and the Womens Limelight Step On external Boa closure.

Ion Step On 2019

The Ion Step On proves to be the most performance focused model in the Burton Mens Step On lineup and the first ever to feature Burtons exclusive Dualzone Speed Zone Lacing System powered by New England Ropes.  Fully capable for the advanced rider, the Ion Step On fills the void for the faster entry customer who craves lightning fast response and has a more aggressive riding style.

Youth Step On and Zipline Step On

What a great addition to the Step On selection.  Introducing the ease of use delivered by the Burton Step On System to their youth lineup just makes sense.  Keeping your youngster motivated not frustrated is the obvious goal when facilitating success for the up and coming snowboarder.  Make it as easy as possible to have fun without feeling like your spoon-feeding their progression.  While maintaining affordability and value Burton nailed it with the Zipline Step On and it will be interesting to see how receptive the snowboarding community is to the mindset.  We as a shop look forward to the doors this technology will open for some of our younger rippers and can't wait to see it in action.

Ruler Step On and Limelight Step On

All new for the 2019 season, the Ruler Step On and the Limelight Step On have been upgraded from Burton's Lockdown Technology to a newly designed Boa attachment point for better heel retention and aided response and performance in two of their best selling Step On models.  This new system allows for a more symmetrical closure throughout the entire shell while maintaining the same response level these boots have become famous for.


Re-engineered Wide Heel Cleat

After Step On's original launch Burton released a post production upgraded version of a replacement Heel Cleat.  This wider version simplified the lock in process and provided a more natural engagement of the heel into the Step On binding channel. All 2019 Step On Binding models come stock with this upgraded heel cleat.  This can also be acquired and easily installed on any model of 2018 Step On Boots.  For more information.

As a summation of all the noticeable upgrades in the Burton Step On line for 2019, these four additions prove to add performance and strengthen the brands offering.  Although this product may not be what every snowboarder is looking for in a boot and binding interface, we have always said that if Step On can open the door to snowboarding for people who may not have joined the ranks otherwise, or lengthens the career of the longstanding snowboard vet than how can it be anything but great.  It by no means is going to take over our boot and binding selection but that's not what it was intended for.  Product innovations and developments have always been a great way for brands to push the limits and test what us as consumers crave.  So far Step On has proven itself as a contender and it's obvious that it is here to stay.

So whether you Step On to your ride, or buckle in to it, we hope to see you out on the hill, in the lodge, trudging through the parking lot, or skinning up to the top of whatever you're favorite spot is.  And we hope that we are there with you.


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