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What size snowboard should I purchase?

When it comes to selecting the proper size snowboard, we use a combination of 3 attributes along with some personal judgment.

  1. Height of rider
  2. Weight of rider
  3. Style/ability of riding including typical resort that you’re riding at.

As far as a generic measurement most people end up purchasing and riding a snowboard that comes to their Adams apple to mouth.

What age can we start our children on a snowboard.

Kid’s equipment has progressed so much in the last decade. Unlike years ago top brands are making snowboards, boots, bindings, jackets, pants, and all accessories for kiddos that are 2 and up.

Some mountains do not offer group lessons until the age of 7 but most will accommodate with a private one on one lesson.

Are Helmets required at resorts?

Although there are no requirements for the use of helmets at resorts, helmets have become a very common accessory worn by many snowboarders and skiers. Helmets have become very lightweight, comfortable, and warm which has encouraged many people to wear them. That being said many people still opt for a nice warm beanie and a good pair of goggles.

How should my Snowboard Boots fit? How do I properly lace snowboarding boots?

When it comes to gear that should fit well, boots should be at the top of your list. Boots are the piece of equipment that you’re in for most of the day. Snowboarding boots are very true to size compared to street footwear. That being said sometimes it’s not as simple as picking the size and having the perfect fit. Follow these steps to help get in the best pair of boots yet.

  1. Make sure your heels are kicked back all the way into the heel cup. We recommend sitting down while putting your boots on and banging your heel to the ground to ensure you’re in the back of the boot.
  2. Start by lacing the interior lace and then move to the outer shell lacing system.
  3. Once you’re in the boot stand up and bend your knees slightly.
  4. In a brand new pair of boots at this point you should feel your toes grazing the end of the liner. Your toes should not be curled at all. You should feel material and pressure all around your feet but you should not have any discomfort.
  5. Last, most snowboarding boot liners are heat moldable. Once you’ve determined what pair of boots works the best this is a great way to dial in the fit even more and help break in the boot a little quicker. If this is not an option for you the liners will self-mold over time from the heat of your feet. 

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