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YES 420 Snowboard 2018


YES 420 Snowboard 2018


The 2018 YES 420 is designed for maximum float and maneuverability when you need it most.  With an increased surface area, an ultralight weight core, and a mild taper, this powder hound turns on a dime and floats like a dream.  Totally at home in any glade or powder field, the 420 is a must have for the adventurist or backcountry enthusiast.

  • Camber: PowRock
  • Shape: Directional Weird
  • Base: Sintered Spec
  • Core: Weightless Core
  • Fiberglass: Triax

PowRock: A flat camber profile throughout the running length with one blended rocker zone through the contact point on the tail and another longer zone through the directionally tapered nose contact point.

Directional Weird: Wider waist, slightly set back and slightly tapered (12mm), this shape is inherent for better floatation and quick maneuverability.

Sintered Spec Base: Recycling in-house (never used) sintered base material creates a base slightly softer than true sintered, but with better wax absorption properties and prolonged durability.

Weightless Core: Balancing strength while maintaining a lightweight core, added sections of Paulownia increase strength while further reducing weight.

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